How to Create a Bucket List

I can already hear you saying, "Hey Eller! You like Bucket Lists a little too much. It is starting to creep us out. You talk about them almost as much as you talk about Brinner and Nick Collison." I understand your concern, and much like Brinner (breakfast for dinner), once you have [...]

Guest Post Friday – An Autumn Bucket List 4

It is guest post Friday! Each Friday we encourage you to submit a post for the ryaneller.com blog. This week’s post comes from my good friend Stephanie Bolen. She is an awesome bucket lister who is striving to live a life of intention. You can follow her blog here and […]

My Twitter Bucket List

I have found the place where I get brilliant ideas…while driving in my car. Brilliant ideas flow through my mind while driving 75 down the interstate. I assume Da Vinci felt the same way while driving through the streets of Rome. However, most of these great ideas come when I […]

3 Leadership Lessons I Learned At Yoga Class 1

I am a self-proclaimed bucket lister. I check buckets left and right. Like a regular ‘ole bucket inspector at a bucket factory.  One bucket I checked that I thoroughly enjoyed was: 70. Take a yoga class – X (June 28th, 2011, Tulsa) My sweet mother gave me a month’s worth of […]

281 More Awesome Bucket List Items You Should Add To Your List 9

Bucket Lists. There isn’t a greater list you can put together…and I am a man who loves lists. I like lists so much that I named this website Live Your List. I recently blogged about 281 awesome bucket list items you should add to your list, and now I am […]