Live Your List

The Seven Levels of Live Your List 2

I keep getting the same question on Twitter. As a matter of fact, it isn't just specific to social media, I get asked this all of the time in real life too. People constantly ask me what #LiveYourList means. Like seriously dude, why do you use that hashtag all of [...]

The First #LiveYourList Winner Talks About The Project In Her Own Words

Please, let me tell you about a fantastic project that my amazing friends Ryan Eller and Jerrod Murr have put together. If you follow/read my blog regularly, you know what I write about, what I focus on: being an inspiration, making a difference, and living your life to the fullest. This project encompasses all […]

You Don’t Have to Be Rich To Live Your List

I try everyday to Live My List. I want to wake up every day trying to live a life of intention. I hope to accomplish all of my dreams, goals, and ambitions while following my purpose. I want to become the person I am destined to become, to be a […]

Why Your Career Matters While Living Your List

Have you ever met a distance runner? Chances are you don’t have to ask them how many marathons they have ran…they will go ahead and tell you. These people run 60, 70, or even as much as 100 miles a week. Miles! You read that sentence correctly, I did not […]

Live Your List

We are what we repeatedly do. I am a firm believer in aspiring to Live Your List everyday. It’s not about doing crazy stuff for the sake of adrenaline.  It’s about living to your full potential every day. It’s about being the best possible version of you. If you Live […]

#LiveYourList Grand Canyon Skywalk Edition

I took a day trip to the Skywalk on the West Grand Canyon Park. It was amazing as I stood 4,000 feet above the Colorado River on a glass floor. A complete post will be coming soon with pictures and video. #LiveYourList