Live Your List Project

What is the Live Your List Project?

We are checking off bucket list items every day for the rest of 2017! We started the project on October 6th, 2017, when we helped our friend, Brett Mayo, check off his bucket list item of trying every deep fried dessert at a fair! (It was as delicious as it sounds).

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Bucket List Items We’ve Checked Off!

Day 1 – Try every deep fried dessert at the Tulsa State Fair with Brett Mayo
Day 2 – Cut a watermelon with a sword with Kyle the Intern
Day 3 – Watch Forrest Gump with Kyle the Intern in pursuit of watching all Oscar winning films
Day 4 – Teach my daughter to ride a bike
Day 5 – Cryotherapy with my wife
Day 6 – Take Philip the New Intern on an international trip
Day 7 – Ride a camel in its natural habitat with Jerrod
Day 8 – Rachel Mayo steps foot in Africa for the first time
Day 9 – Donate a solar panel to a rural school in Africa
Day 10 – Watch the sunset in a river full of hippos
Day 11– Swim in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls, Ride an elephant, Walk a cheetah, Rub a lions belly (it was a big day).
Day 12 – Visit a new country: Botswana
Day 13 – Teach Paige Davis to swim
Day 14– Neha Ghelani conducts her first international corporate presentation
Day 15 – Indoor snow skiing in Dubai with Philip
Day 16 – Teach Rachel how to play chess
Day 17 – Carve and decorate a pumpkin with Jane
Day 18 – Visit the Blue Whale in Catoosa with Kyle and Neha
Day 19 – Gave away a cruise to two people who have never been on a cruise before
Day 20 – Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland with Rachel
Day 21 – Powell’s Book Challenge with Rachel and Jerrod
Day 22 – Visit Washington State with Rachel while she works on visiting all 50 states
Day 23 – Dress up as a family for Halloween
Day 24 – Mustache Challenge Fundraising kickoff for Skip A Meal Feed A Child
Day 25 – Go to the top of the Burj Khalifa with Rachel
Day 26 – Put $100 down on a roulette table with Amy (and win!)
Day 27 – See a dear friend get married AND have my daughter be the flower girl
Day 28 – Take my family on our first international vacation
Day 30 – Visit Chichen Itza
Day 31 – Eat beignets at Cafe Du Monde in NOLA
Day 32 – Ride in a street car for the first time with Neha
Day 33 – Be part of a blind taste test with Jerrod
Day 34 –  Get a book signed by your favorite author with Jane Bane
Day 35 – Amy’s fist time to Chicago! Items she checked off in the 6 hours she was there:
Take a picture with The Bean
Eat a Chicago deep dish pizza
Visit the Willis Tower Skydeck
Explore Navy Pier
Get popcorn at Garrett’s
Go shopping on the Magnificent Mile
Day 36 – Africa recap
Day 37 – Amy checks off another state in her goal of facilitating in all 50 states
Day 38 – Paradigm Shift buys a training center
Day 39 – We give Lacey Gebhart a nickname
Day 40 – Amy lays in the middle of the street Allie-style from The Notebook
Day 41 – Rachel and Neha run their first half-marathon
Day 42 – Reverse bucket list item: Rachel kicks holes through a wall
Day 43 – I get accepted into his doctoral program at the University of Arkansas
Day 44 – Celebrated Thanksgiving at the Jimmy R. Eller Gymnasium, named after my grandpa
Day 45 – My family and I visit the world’s largest totem pole off Route 66
Day 46 – Dillan makes up a game
Day 47 – I visit the Five Civilized Tribes Museum
Day 48 – We help Rachel learn to recite the alphabet backwards
Day 49 – Kyle creates an escape game and the rest of us try and escape! (We did it with five minutes to spare!)
Day 50 – Emeka holds a tarantula
Day 51 – I ride a cable car
Day 52 – We take our Live Your List cruise winners on a cruise!
Day 53 – Lots of items checked off on our cruise!
Visit a new country
Swim with dolphins
Go snorkeling
Try escargot
Get a massage on a beach
Get a facial
Spend $100 at a casino with Brett Mayo
Learn to play Backgammon
Jump in a pool in a full suit (It was Kyle in case you were wondering…)
Try a non-alcoholic pina colada
Get a foot cleaning by nibbling fish
Learn the Thriller dance
Perform on a cruise ship
Go kayaking
Haggle in an open market
Day 54 – Jump into a pull in a full suit
Day 55 – Gamble on international waters
Day 56 – Donut taste test with Jane Bane
Day 57 – Dress up at Star Wars Movie premier
Day 58 – Win a competition in Battle of the Sexes
Day 59 – Order escargot multiple times a day for 5 days straight
Day 60 – Visit Morocco, the Straits of Gibraltar, and Portugal

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