LYL Season 3, Ep. 13 – How to Maintain Momentum With SMART Goals


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This is it! The interns are taking over. In this episode of Live Your List, Kyle The Intern and Philip the New Intern talk about maintaining momentum in the correct direction after a goal has been set.

Every SMART goal has 2 main components. Direction and Magnitude define how far a SMART goal or BHAG will go. Kyle the Intern shares his keynote from the Launch Out conference that is about this very concept. Kyle has been a member of the Paradigm Shift and Live Your List teams for over a year now, and it is finally his chance to share some of his favorite STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jokes. Philip the New Intern makes his first official premier as a Paradigm Shift Intern.


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Kyle “The Intern” Price

Kyle Price first encountered Paradigm Shift as a leadership camp participant. Since then, Kyle has worn various hats including: intern, facilitator, team leader, keynote speaker, camp director, and executive producer of The Live Your List Show. His keynote addresses & facilitation focuses on SMART goals and personal growth through intentional living.

4 Steps to Maintaining Momentum in the Right Direction

1. Big or Small, Write It Down!

Whether your goal is big or small, it deserves to be written down. This helps you remember exactly what it is. Just like writing down a bucket list item, writing down your SMART goals is an intentional step that propels you forward in the correct direction!

2. Measure the Time Spent Working Toward Your Goal!

The success of our gaols directly correlates to how much time we put into them. A great way to keep a dream or goal moving forward is to gauge how much time is spent working toward those goals. This is why the T in SMART is so important!

3. Have a brag buddy for accountability!

Who are you going to celebrate with? Having a brag buddy helps us to stay accountable and gives us someone to encourage us to keep working towards our goals. Your goals are fridge-worthy, so throw those goals up on your fridge and tell your friends!

4. Set Office Hours!

A great way to avoid distraction is to set times during which you only work toward your goals. This ensures that you spend time toward your goals. A great way to do this is by finding a place away from distracting people or technologies. People will respect you for it!

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Fired Up Quotes

The place that you spend your time is the direction that your goals go..” – Kyle Price (Tweet That)

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