The Downsides of Living Your List and Chasing Your Dreams

Let’s be honest, I ooze positivity, encouragement, and rainbows. If you ever met my mom, you know I was born that way. I have often gotten mad at her for being too positive when I wanted her to give me a straight and honest answer. Some say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but I think a branch of her positivity tree fell off and hit me in the head. I tend to only write positive blog posts, but this time I want to share with you the downsides of the Live Your List philosophy and chasing your dreams.

1. It’s not for the lazy. 

If you want to chase your dreams and live an inspired life…you must work hard. You can’t write the bestseller that lives inside you if you are not willing to get up early and write. You can’t run a marathon without training for months, if not years. I think our generation has been told that we can achieve anything we want, but somewhere along the way, no one told us that it requires a substantial amount of hard work.

2. You start from the bottom. 

Chances are that you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth. If you were, you need to go ask your mother some questions…that’s strange. Truth is, most of us do not have trusts funds that allow us to travel the world, start new businesses, or attend Ivy League colleges. It is amidst humbling beginnings that true greatness can be found. Embrace your roots and move forward with confidence.

3.  You have to lean on others, even when they stink. 

We want to believe that we can do it alone. We see the accolades thrown towards Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, or JK Rowling and think they did it on their own. That is utter rubbish…you can not achieve your dreams without others. If you want to Live Your List, you must rely on others to catapult you to success. Sometimes we have to lean on people that don’t have our best interests at heart…just know that it is temporary, and eventually you will find those who support you whole-heartedly.

4. It includes a bunch of work you hate. 

I don’t like fixing computer issues, folding brochures, or scheduling travel…but if I want to become an international facilitator and speaker, I must do those things now. I spend about 90% of my time doing things that other people can do so I can have the chance to do the things only I can do later. Along the journey I will pass off these responsibilities to others who are excellent at the things I can’t do. Until that point all of this extra responsibility is on me…and I am happy to do it.

5. You will fall down as much as you leap forward. 

I recently wrote my Top 10 Moments at NSU, sharing stories about my tenure at my alma mater. Throughout the list I spoke of achievements, milestones, and great times. I mostly left out the hard times, in large parts because it would be a terrible blog post. When we see highlight reels of athletes, they don’t show the times on the bench or in the recovery room. If you want to achieve your dreams and Live Your List you will fail, but the perseverance will pay off.

“We live in a culture that overvalues 15 minutes of fame and undervalues a lifetime of faithfulness.” – Mark Batterson

What downsides have you discovered about Living Your List or chasing your dreams? Did I leave anything off of the list above? Please comment below.

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